Saturday, March 6, 2010

This Week

This week has had it's ups and downs.

Sunday Mark's parents came down and took us to the zoo, where we saw a cute baby giraffe and witnessed the mommy and daddy giraffe trying to make another. Awkward...

Then Amanda joined us for burgers at our place, and I served the awesome sushi cake I made for Mark's birthday.

On Monday I wore a cute baby-doll top to work, and TWO clients asked me if I was pregnant. That's depressing.

On Tuesday I tried not to laugh when a girl walked in the bank gabbing on her phone so loud the whole lobby could hear. She said she was so mad, she was going to "murderize someone." So I learned a new word.

On Wednesday I did nothing productive. But I did watch "American Idol." So far, my favorites are Crystal, Lilly, and Andrew, but I don't see an Adam Lambert this year.

I FINALLY got back on the elliptical on Thursday. It's been hard to get motivated after being sick, but I decided there are NO MORE EXCUSES!

On Friday, I had a customer BURP in my face. Like seriously, he burped and then BLEW it right in front of me. I felt the air, and I knew not to breathe again until he was gone. Gross.

And today, we're at my parents' house. My mom and I have been talking wedding stuff for my sister's December wedding. Now we're going to eat hot fudge sundaes and watch "Where the Wild Things Are."

And that's my week!


  1. i love that the burp is the only comment about your day from friday. that is disgusting. someone needs some manners.

  2. that sushi cake is AMAZING! i'm super impressed and currently trying to figure out how to make one without coconut on top.

  3. Thanks, Bethany! You could make the "rice" with icing - just use really short "strokes" with the pastry bag.