Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Crafty Valentine

I guess I'm a pretty festive person. I love decorating for all sorts of holidays. I didn't go all out for Valentine's Day, but here are a few of my creations...

This is what I spent a Saturday afternoon doing... I layered buttons and tied them with wire to create some whimsical "flowers." It took a lot longer than I anticipated to get it just right, but I like the result.

I sprinkled leftover white, red, and pink buttons around some candles and potpourri sticks on a cake plate for a coffee table centerpiece with a little vintage flair.

I made some paper roses that added some simple accents around a vase.

Since Valentine's Day falls smack in the middle of my birthday and Mark's birthday, we opted not to go out for dinner. Instead we cooked a nice romantic dinner at home of scallops with lavender and basil, and for dessert some delicious chocolate croissants. It beat the heck out of fighting the crowds for a mediocre meal at a pricey restaurant!

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