Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Life Right Now - Work

"I’m a bank teller (Ryan told me to always tell women you work in finance).” – Michael Scott

Every time someone asks what I do, I always answer, “I work at a bank.” I secretly hope that he will not ask the next question, “What do you do there?”, so I don’t have to say that I am a little peon at the bottom of the totem pole cashing checks and taking deposits. Ok, there is actually a lot more to being a teller than that, but either way, it’s not my thing. People get really weird when it comes to money. They are rude, impatient, and smelly (I keep a can of Lysol and a big supply of hand sanitizer at my window at all times!). And the attitudes – is it really so hard to smile? A couple of things that particularly irritate me:

ID’s – I will never understand why people get upset when they have to provide identification for receiving cash or information on their account. People seem to take offense to requests for ID’s – as if I am accusing them of something. Or maybe they think I should automatically know who they are. After all, they have a lot of money in this bank, so shouldn’t every single teller in every branch across the state know their face?? Personally, I am grateful when I get asked for my ID - it lets me know that my privacy and finances are being protected. And it doesn’t take THAT much effort to pull out my driver’s license.

Cell phones – I think it is incredibly rude when someone walks up to my window yapping away on his or her phone. How do you expect me to provide excellent customer service when all that I can interact with is vague facial expressions and a quarter of your attention?

Aside from the unpleasantness of dealing with the general public, the monotony of the job is wearing. I am a creative person, and I like having a physical product to show for my efforts. How wonderful it would be to get paid for doing arts and crafts all day, but unfortunately my search for a “Martha Stewart” position on turned up no hits.

Lest my superiors read this and think I’m complaining, I AM GRATEFUL TO HAVE A JOB! I know a lot of people are not as blessed to have a job that pays the bills, provides health insurance, etc. As long as I am at this job, I will be cheerful and work my hardest. I just know that I am meant for something else in the long run…

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  1. Hang in there! We'll (hopefully) get to do what we love when the husbands finish school. Though that does seem ages away sometimes...