Monday, July 16, 2012

Holy Craft!

When we moved to Atlanta, I kept waiting until our apartment was set up "just right" to take pictures and post them, and then we moved out before that happened. I'm telling myself not to do that with this house, knowing that I will be continually rearranging and acquiring new things. I realize now that a home is never truly "finished" - what would be the fun in that? So I'll try to share room by room and project by project as I go, and probably re-sharing the same room again as I change it up.

We'll start with the room I was most looking forward to having: the craft room! I knew I wanted to set up this room first because if I put it off, it would never get done. Our finished basement is divided into two rooms. On one side is Mark's "man cave" and on the other is my "mom cave." I love having all my arts and crafty stuff easily accessible. The majority of my organizing gear came from the always wonderful resource, Ikea.

The table, shelves, drawer unit, wall magazine holder, lazy susan - all Ikea.

 RIBBA picture ledge for paints and stamps

Mason jars for small storage.

Doesn't show much, I just thought this was kind of a cool shot. :)

Easy-access ribbon and gift wrap.

I mounted BYGEL wire baskets to the wall for ribbon storage.

RATIONELL VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser to hold rolls of gift wrap.

We had this EXPEDIT Workstation in our apartment that I was doing everything on... too small for crafting. Now it's a desk for everything else. Nothing too exciting here...

... except this bear bookend. Love him!

For yarn storage, Ikea kids MAMMUT wall shelf.

I just love the way yarn looks all stacked up! 

I was lucky that the room already had a ledge along one wall. I lined up paper and other odds and ends in these cheap FLYT magazine files.

Paper love...

So there it is. I'm super happy about how it turned out. When Scarlett is a little older, I want to add low shelves with books, toys, crayons, and stuff (probably this EXPEDIT unit that can double as a bench) and a child-sized table under the window. Then we can have mommy-daughter craft time. For now I can sneak in some craft time of my own during Scarlett's super short naps... maybe...


  1. Looks really nice and neat! Great job Kara:)

  2. Thank you so much for linking where your products are from. I have seen the gift wrap containers posted everywhere as a great way to organise wrapping paper, but no one linked or mentioned where they were from and since they are not actually sold as gift wrap containers my searches for it were completely fruitless. It's a small detail that almost everyone forgets but makes a world of difference for people trying to emulate this brilliant ideas. So thanks again!

  3. On the wrapping roll storage, did you use the sticky strip that came on it to attach it to the wall or did you need to use screws because of the weight? Thanks.

    1. it looks like there are screws placed in the lids and attached to the wall