Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Favorite Baby Products: 0-3 Months

There are so many baby products out there labeled as "must-haves". Some are essential and some are wastes of money. But the truth is, some products that are big fat flops for one mom might be lifesavers for another. You probably won't know until you try different things out and find what works for you, and you'll inevitably waste some money during the process. Sorry. That said, here are some of my favorites that got me through the first three months. Maybe if you have no clue what to get/register for, you'll find some ideas here.
1. iPhone
I know this is not on your typical baby registry, but it has seriously been my #1 favorite "baby product." Since Scarlett's birth it has been like an extra appendage. Although I'm a little embarrassed that I have become one of "those" people, it has been extremely useful! I can take pictures and videos of my baby girl at the tap of the finger. I can track her feeding and sleeping. I can search for answers to my baby questions. I use it while I'm nursing (especially in those early weeks when it takes 40 minutes per feed) or holding her sleeping to surf Pinterest, read blogs, keep in touch through Facebook and e-mail, download and read books, keep track of the budget, heck, I'm even writing this blog on my iPhone. It's even been useful in helping soothe my fussy baby (see #5).
2. Happiest Baby on the Block
This is a wonderful book to get you through the first few weeks. I read it right after Scarlett's birth, but I recommend reading it before your baby arrives if you can because you will need the techniques right away. Dr. Karp's "5 S's" really work to soothe a crying newborn. Swaddling, Side position, Shushing, Swinging, and Sucking recreate the environment of the womb and help turn on what he calls "the calming reflex". Read it!
3. Swaddle me
I found these to be the easiest swaddle blankets for the first few weeks. I have some of the popular Aden + Anais blankets, and I still like them as soft lightweight blankets, but try wrangling a squirming, screaming infant into a good swaddle when you're still learning blanket origami. Plus, I could never seem to get it tight enough to where she couldn't break out. The Swaddle Me blankets have a pre-formed pouch and "wings" with velcro tabs, which make swaddling a cinch. Scarlett still sleeps better swaddled, where she can't startle herself awake with her flailing arms.
4. Miracle blanket
After Scarlett outgrew the swaddle-me blankets, we moved on to the Miracle Blanket. It's a bit more complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it makes a great swaddle. Get 2-3 so you have one on hand when the other is in the wash.
5. Ambiance app
In the womb, babies heard the loud constant swishing of the amniotic fluid, so they are comforted by white noise. I learned this at 2 am one morning when I took screaming Scarlett into the bathroom and turned on the faucet - she instantly stopped crying. I held her and rocked her there with the water running until my bleary eyed husband came in muttering something about wasting water. You should have seen the look I have him. He apologized the next morning for his sleep deprivation induced flub, but now I don't have to run the water anyway after downloading the Ambiance app. It had tons of sounds to choose from, and you can even combine sounds. I use a mix of waves, wind, and womb sounds. In the early weeks if she was upset, most of the time just turning the app on and holding it close to her ear would calm her. She also sleeps with the noise on, which blocks out other sounds as well. I tried a free white noise app before buying this one, but I like Ambience because you can use other apps without the sound turning off.
6. Glider
I've spent countless hours rocking and nursing Scarlett in my glider! Soothing her, rocking her to sleep, sometimes holding her in it for an hour or two because since 6 weeks old she hasn't napped more than 30 minutes unless I'm holding her. Comfort is key here.
7. Baby mirror
Scarlett loves looking at the "other baby" in the mirror. It has also helped her tolerate tummy time a little longer.
8. My mom
Seriously, I don't know what I would do without her! She stayed with me for ten days after the birth helping with everything! And she's come down multiple times to just take care of Scarlett while I unpack and set up stuff around the new house. A mommy needs her mommy too! And Scarlett loves her Nana!!
What are some of your favorite baby products?

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  1. Very nice and interesting list! How things have changed since January. You are a wise mommy with a beautiful baby.